Vow Renewal Invitations


Whether you’ve just returned from eloping in Vegas or you’re about to celebrate your 25th blissful year of marriage, renewing your vows — also called a reaffirmation ceremony — might be on the brain. Maybe you want to say again the words you said last week on the beach, in front of all your nearest and dearest. Or you’d like to refer to history, reminding yourselves of what you promised all those years ago. Sometimes children host a renewal of vows for their parents. But many couples host their own renewals. The above invitation is from our Suite Collection. Perfect for the couple renewing their vows on the beach with family and friends. The invitation is similar to a wedding invite, except no hosts’ names are at top. Here’s a sample of wording that you could use on your renewal or reaffirmation invitations.

The honor of your presence
is requested at the reaffirmation [or “renewal”]
of the wedding vows of
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Smith [or “Susan and Jonathan Smith”]

If the invitation is issued by the children of the couple:

The children of
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Smith [or “Susan and Jonathan Smith”]
request the honor of your presence
at the reaffirmation ceremony
of their parents

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