Introducing Up-Do’s for I Do’s

Ashley Riddle is the owner of Up Do’s for I Do’s, a special occasion hairstyle salon at which she is also a hair and makeup artist. Through their hairstyling, makeup, tanning, and eyelash extension services, they will provide you with the glamorous wedding day appearance you’ve been dreaming of. We are very excited she was able to talk about his business with us.


Carla David Design: What inspires you about Up-Do’s for I Do’s?

Ashley Riddle: I am most inspired by our clients. When a bride walks into our studio, I am honored that she has chosen our services for such an important day. I find daily doses of inspiration when brides share their ideas and visual concepts of what they want their wedding day hair and makeup to look like.

CDD: What are some exciting or unique details about your services?

AR: One of the benefits of Up-Do’s For I Do’s is our on-site services. We are able to help our brides relax on the day of the wedding as we handle the stress of the traffic, weather and running on time. A bride and her best friends can relax in the comfort of their home while receiving professional hair and makeup applications.

CDD: What makes you happiest about what you do?

AR: After the hairspray sets and the lip gloss is applied, seeing a bride look at herself in a mirror for the first time brings me the greatest joy! The moments leading up to that point are also enjoyable! I’m thrilled to work one-on-one with a bride to capture the perfected look she deserves.

CDD: What are some tips would you give a bride to find her perfect style for her big day?

AR: Take advantage of technology! Use Pinterest, Instagram, Google and other tools to gather ideas of what you like and even what you don’t like. Plan for a trial run prior to the big day and bring along a photo of your dress, accessories that you will be wearing, and a best friend who will give you honest advice! If you aren’t sure of what you want or are overwhelmed by the different options, turn to the pro and ask their opinion. They are seeing you for the first time and can give great feedback for your coloring, face shape, and hair texture.

CDD: Do you have any quick fix tips for adjusting hair and makeup on the go?

AR: Daily: I always keep bobby pins with me. Sometimes a quick messy bun gets me the most compliments – and I did it at a stop light. When I don’t have time to do a full face of makeup – mascara, a little concealer, and a neutral lip gloss will do and get me through the day.
Wedding Day: Keep blotting powder or blotting sheets in the emergency kit. Make sure everyone has a lip gloss handy! Apply right before pictures so that your pout doesn’t look dry. Tell your Groom to lick his lips before kissing you. The gloss won’t stick to him!
A few extra bobby pins and a mini bottle of hairspray are always good to have on hand.


Photo Credit :: Balance Photography

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