Introducing Bralala

Mary Jordan is the owner of Bralala, a lingerie, comfort wear, and sleepwear company that has made it their personal mission to “enhance every woman’s well being and esteem by finding their perfect fit”. Whether for bras, camis, chemises, panties, maternity and sports bras, bridal, robes, sleepwear, shape wear, and post-mastectomy wear and inserts, Mary and Bralala promise each customer personal time and attention to find the best fit. We are very excited she was able to talk about his business with us.


Carla David Design: How did you get inspired to start your own company?

Mary Jordan: After 15 years of Biotech sales, I found myself looking for something to do where I felt I could make a difference. After visiting a bra boutique in Virginia, I decided to see if there was something like that in Howard County. I surveyed women from Rockville to Ellicott City and saw this type of service was highly desired in the area.

CDD: What are some exciting or unique details about your products and services?

MJ: We are 100% service oriented. We assign a fitter to each customer. The fitter assists and educates the client on finding the perfect fit for them. We have 126 sizes Vs. dept stores that carry about only 30 sizes.

CDD: What makes you happiest about what you do?

MJ: A satisfied customer. Seeing a woman instantly stand up taller and feel better about herself is a wonderful feeling.

CDD: How do you cater to a client’s many different walks of life?

MJ: We carry many different price points to address each individuals budget restraints. We provide a caring and comfortable environment for all ladies that visit our boutique.

CDD:  What is one thing customers should not skimp on?

MJ: I would definitely suggest a good fitting bra that is comfortable and supportive!

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Visit Bralala today to find your perfect fit!