Introducing Heavens to Bessie

We are very excited to have Sara Robbins-Page talk to us about her company, Heavens to Bessie, where she creates custom handmade jewelry. A creative person since a young child, Sara pursued her artistic passion by attending art schools and working in galleries, while always making jewelry in her spare time. She finally decided to make jewelry her full-time focus and started her own business. Sara now works in her at-home studio and is lucky to have her work featured in galleries and boutiques nationwide. Whether you are looking for custom accessories for your wedding day, a unique gift, or a piece of jewelry to wear everyday, Sara is sure to be able to create a piece you will treasure forever!

Sara Heavens to Bessie

Carla David Design: How did you get inspired to start your own company?

Sara Robins-Page: I can’t say that there was a defining moment where I opened my eyes and thought “I am going to start my own company!” My business was just always there. The night of my college graduation, I wandered into a little art gallery and struck up a conversation with the owner. I told him I had majored in Metals and Jewelry and he told me to bring some of my work in to show him. The next week I did just that. He agreed to carry my jewelry and I then ended up working for him one day a week. A few months later he came to me and said, “I think I’m retiring from the art gallery business, the lease is up next month. Would you want the gallery?” Just like that I took over Moon River Art Gallery where I had a studio in the back. It was amazing! I met so many fantastic artists and was so happy to promote their work, but in doing so, my own work took a back seat and I missed it. I decided to close the gallery and set off to do my own work and that was that! I have been operating Heavens to Bessie ever since. It has been an amazing experience through and through.

CDD: What are some exciting or unique details about your products and services?

SRP: My business is unique because the client is truly a part of the creative process! They have options as far as materials, colors, stones that are selected for them specifically. As for my hand stamped pieces it allows my clients to have something silly, poetic, romantic, personal or a private joke become a piece of meaningful wearable art!

CDD: What makes you happiest about what you do?

SRP: Well I have a never ending love for the creative process. I LOVE working with metal. I LOVE creating jewelry but I think the thing that makes me happiest about what I do is working with clients to create something personal and meaningful to them. When someone walks up to me and says “This is going to sound weird but could you make a necklace that says….” it is the best thing. That means I am making something that will make them laugh, smile, something that they will cherish. What a special thing to be a part of.

CDD: What goes into creating a unique jewelry masterpiece?

SRP: When it comes to creating that perfect piece of jewelry for a specific outfit, whether it be for a bride or a bridal attendant, I begin with a consultation. During this time I get to see or am told what the dress looks like and get a real sense of the style of the event. Is it a black tie event? Is it a back yard picnic? This will affect everything that goes into the piece I create. Every material says something different, multi-faceted crystals are very formal while chunky turquoise is not. I can get a real feel for what a client is looking for this way. From there we move into color schemes and then into the style of piece. I do a few drawings and then eventually come up with one to a few pieces for my client to look at and figure out which suits her style the best. She has a hand in every step of the process. That way the perfect accent is made. I just love the fine details of weddings!

CDD: How did you come up with the name for your company?

SRP: How did I come up with the name Heavens to Bessie? I get this question a lot! I also get the “Are you Bessie?” often as well. The truth is, Bessie was my grandmother. She taught me everything about making anything out of anything. I spent my days doing just that with her as a child and it stuck! The funny thing  is, she hated the name Bessie. She had everyone call her Betty. To me the name Bessie is so special and unique! I so wanted to honor her with what I do. My whole  family was brain storming for a name and my cousin shouted Heavens to Bessie and that was that! Such a mix of the classic saying Heavens to Betsy and my Grandmothers name! It is so fun for me too because so often when I meet people at shows they tell me all about their beloved aunt or grandmother who’s name was also Bessie. It is like having a part of her in the studio with me every day!

Heavens to Bessie collage

Be sure to contact Sara at Heavens to Bessie today to create a special jewelry keepsake!