Introducing Yours Truly Glassware

We are excited to have Amanda Park talk to us about her custom, personalized glass company, Yours Truly Glassware. Amanda and her company were a part of our Dazzling Details Bazaar a few weeks ago and we are proud to have some of her products in our studio shop. A young company, Yours Truly was only started about a year ago and has already grown rapidly in popularity and success.

Yours Truly Glassware owner Amanda

Carla David Design: How did you get inspired to start your company?

Amanda Park: I actually started my company completely by accident!  I had gotten a vinyl cutting machine (similar to a Cricut, for small hobby-type projects) for my birthday, and wanted to make a special gift for both my brother’s and my brother-in-law’s fiances.  I had seen a Pyrex dish with someone’s last name etched onto the bottom, and thought that would be something really fun to give them.  Once I looked into how to do it, I realized that I actually had everything that was necessary to do it, so I tried it and it worked out really well!  Then my husband requested that I try some beer glasses for a few of his coworkers, and once the guys saw those, there was no looking back!

CDD: What are some exciting or unique details about your products and services?
AP: I think the most exciting and unique thing about my products, is that I can take plain, everyday items, and make them really personalized and special for people.  Using anything from names, wedding dates, phrases, logos, etc., I can put people’s memories and things that they love onto something tangible that they can use and look at every day!  Not to mention that the finished products are oven and dishwasher safe, which is really an added bonus.  😉
CDD: What makes you happiest about what you do?
AP: There are a lot of things that make me really happy about what I do.  Two of the most significant things are that I get to make people so happy and excited by giving them something that I worked on myself, and also that I am now able to contribute financially to my family, while also still being a stay-at-home-mom to my kiddos.
CDD: What do you like to do on your down time?
AP: On my down time, I’m usually outside playing with my kids, working out, or looking around for new product ideas.  I also really love to bake, so it was wonderful to be able to taste all of the amazing cakeballs and cookies from the vendors at the Bazaar!
CDD: Are you a Football fan, if so who is your favorite team?
AP: YES!  I am definitely a football fan!  I mostly love college football, and my very favorite team is my alma mater, the Fightin’ Texas Aggies!! My favorite professional team is the Cowboys – don’t hold it against me, I’m from Texas!
Yours Truly Glassware products
Be sure to get in touch with Amanda to create a one of a kind gift!