Introducing My Flower Box Events

We are excited to talk to Kimberly Tyson, a partner and designer at My Flower Box Events, a Glen Burnie based floral design company specializing in weddings and events. What began in 2005 as a retail flower shop, grew into a company creating wedding bouquets and helping brides have gorgeous floral arrangements on their big day.

Kim Tyson

Carla David Design: How did you get inspired to start your own company?

Kimberly Tyson: I was inspired to start my own company after years of running a division of a fortune 500 company.  Having my own flower shop was a dream as a little girl and I’ve always had a love and passion for flowers and pretty things.  A trip to Holland sealed the deal for me.  I was blown away by the beauty of the flowers there and the floral markets.

CDD: What are some exciting or unique details about your products and services?

KT: My Flower Box is very unique in the sense the all designers have an eye for attention to detail.  We pride ourselves in getting inside our clients head and designing the event of their dreams.

CDD: What makes you happiest about what you do?

KT: The best part of what I do is to see my clients smile and make their dream day into reality. This year I met an amazing couple.  Torrey and Channel Smith.  The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver.  It was a pleasure to work with this very down to earth couple.  Their ceremony was a wonderful blend of deep coral in pale coral then peach and ivory leading up to the altar of lush fabric.  This hombre style aisle was a lush mix of flowers in this Hombre style.  This was especially exciting working with this couple since Ravens Football Sundays are a sacred day in my home.  My husband and I and our twelve year old son Cameron are huge Raven’s fans.  Torrey and Chanel wanted to get to know all their vendors.  They took each of the vendors and their families bowling.  Needless to say my son Cameron was beside himself that he was bowling with Torrey Smith! Next on the horizon is Ravens running back Ray Rice’s wedding this July!!! Torrey and Chanel referred My Flower Box Events to the couple!!!

CDD: If your company was an ice cream flavor, what would it be and why?

KT: If My Flower Box was an ice cream flavor it would be Neapolitan. Chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  This is because we are a little of everything and can appeal to any Client’s taste and personal style.

CDD: How do you unwind after a busy day creating floral arragements?

KT: At the end of a busy day I like to unwind with a glass of chardonnay at dinner with my Family.


Photo Credit:: tPoz Photography

Be sure to contact Kimberly and her team at My Flower Box Events for your wedding or next social event!