Trend Alert: Arrows

Which direction shall I go? Arrows can be styled in all sorts of fun ways. This is my third design trend for 2013, ARROWS.

Trend Alert: Buttons

Something that we encounter every day…Buttons, and now I’m seeing buttons incorporated in various designs. This is my second design trend for 2013, I think we’ll be seeing more and more buttons whether… Continue reading

ACCP Conference Branding Pieces

Trend Alert: Feathers aren’t just for birds

So often we overlook simple objects that all of sudden become a trend. This year I’m predicting these four items to be hot design trends in 2013. I’ll be highlighting each one this… Continue reading

Heart Puzzle Escort Cards

  “With your piece our puzzle is complete.” This is an escort card puzzle that we created for a client. Love the unique twist. Something different other than your standard escort card.

Escort Cards vs. Place Cards

The Difference Between Place Cards & Escort Cards Place Cards – Used for formal seating, place cards are used when guests have specific seating, in specific chairs. The card directs them to their… Continue reading

Super Hero Birthday Party


Recap from the Wedding Planners Celebration

Photo Credit: Love Life Images

For You and Your Bridesmaids

This is a great service, Brideside is an online inspired shopping experience for you and your bridesmaids. No matter where your maids are located everyone can log-on to this site and shop for… Continue reading

Vendor of the Year

It’s official, we’ve been selected as the Best Vendor of the Year by Washingtonian Bride and Groom.