Introducing Crimson and Clover

Amy Epstein McManus is the owner of Crimson & Clover, a floral design company that makes stunning arrangements unlike anything you have ever seen. Whether for weddings, corporate events, get-wells, or you name it, Amy has made her business known as the neigborhood go-to place for fresh flowers with a twist. We are very excited she was able to talk about his business with us.

succulent bouquet

Carla David Design: How did you get inspired to start your own company?
Amy: I pretty much opened Crimson & Clover on a whim. The place I had been working at was closing and I didn’t want to stop working in such an amazing environment where I was able to be creative to my hearts content. Also, having 2 parents that were business planners definitely helped as well!

CDD: What are some exciting or unique details about your products and services?

Amy: Everything we do is custom! I love when a bride comes in with a bunch of different photos of bouquets and she can’t decide which one to yet, but I am able to pick and choose what aspects of each bouquet she loves and then create a custom piece just for her. We also source our flowers locally as well as around the world which gives us such a broad range of availability so we can accommodate most any bride on their favorite blooms. While some of our clients prefer to stay local and organic, some of our clients like a more global approach and the exotic varieties blooming in other countries. We find that neither is better or worse, and are always excited for so many different designs that this opens us up to. That being said, we are very aware of our carbon footprint and do our best to support like-minded farms and vendors as well as carrying this ideal though our daily work day. The majority of our flowers that are not locally sourced come from farms that have been certified with the Veriflora stamp of approval (

CDD: What makes you happiest about what you do?

Amy: The rewarding feeling I get after working closely with a bride for the past several months. When she enters a room I have decorated for her wedding, she is left speechless and in happy tears. It is absolutely incredible. It gives me perma-grin and makes me so thankful that I was able to make my passion into a career.

CDD: What goes into arranging a floral masterpiece?

Amy: To create a floral masterpiece, I really think the goal is to go above and beyond and expectations. Thankfully there is an incredible wealth of information on the internet for florists showing the newest containers, tools, methods, and designs. I am always excited to try new things and love when I can not only bring a client’s vision to life, but to do so in a way they never could have imagined…and are left speechless.

CDD: If your company was a flower, what would it be and why?

Amy: I would definitely have to say an orchid. Orchids are one of my favorite flowers because they come in so many varieties and can be so versatile. I like to think that Crimson & Clover can really accommodate any client and any looks and I think the orchid is that way too – it can be very tropical and bright and funky but also really soft and romantic and elegant, sometimes even rustic and wildflower-y looking too! Crimson & Clover is a unique space, unlike most other flower shops. We know we have to be different to stand out but we can certainly adapt our style for any design.

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Photo Credit (starting from top, then clockwise from top left) ::  Love Life Images, unknown, Maria Vicencio, Crimson & Clover, Kathy Shilling, Crimson & Clover.

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