Introducing Victoria Clausen Floral Events

We are thrilled to talk to Victoria of Victoria Clausen Floral Events, a local company that has been creating beautiful custom floral arrangements for over 10 years and is now expanding to overall event design.


Carla David Design: How did you get inspired to start your company?

Victoria Clausen: I have always had a very special place in my heart for all things creative, especially flowers, their color, texture and uniqueness. I grew up in the Ukraine, and the thought of being a florist never crossed my mind until I moved to the United States. At that time, in the Ukraine, there was only flower markets, and no such thing as florists, creating beautiful florals. Shortly after moving to the U.S., I landed my first job at a flower shop. Almost immediately, I felt the tug of a passion developing for creating floral events for life’s special occasions. With some trepidation but bolstered by my passion, I started Romance of Flowers in 1999. This year, we decided to change our business name to Victoria Clausen Floral Events because we have expanded our services to offer more than creating floral arrangements; our hope is to design the overall aesthetic for an entire event, without a detail spared.  Happily, the company has grown significantly over the years, and as a team, we continue to provide impeccable service, attention to detail and dedication to our clients, which we consider as close as family.

CDD: What are some exciting or unique details about your products and services?

VC: Since our top priority is weaving together all of the elements that will create our client’s special event, we consider our floral designs as “the icing on the cake”. The details we specialize in, range from selecting complementary linens and installing lounge areas with unique furniture rentals to specialized lighting and draping. In our opinion, you can never have too many layers and no detail is too small. Tented weddings are especially fun for us, as they allow us to embrace the challenge of transforming a blank canvas into a magnificent event. Every client’s vision gives us a thrill, as we enjoy watching the bits and pieces come together. On the day of the event, it is our distinct pleasure to watch our client’s eyes light up as they see the event of their dreams, come true!

CDD: What makes you happiest about what you do?

VC: Our clients are considered our family and we value the friendships we have developed over time. When working with wedding clients, we love to hear how they first met, where and how they became engaged and what puts a smile on their faces. At the end of the day, our goal is to exceed all expectations for guests and clients alike. The awe and joy on their faces when they see the result is our biggest treasure.

CDD:  What goes into arranging a floral masterpiece?

VC: Every floral piece is a new adventure.  Each of our events is 100% custom and tailored for our client.  We love telling their stories through our designs. Using a wide assortment of plants & flowers enables us to express our clients’ personalities and passions. Regarding our clients as an extension of our design team, allows us to take their fantasies from conception to fruition.

CDD:  If your company was a flower, what would it be and why?

VC: In Vanessa Diffenbagh’s Novel, “The Language of Flowers,” she writes that Poppies represent “fantastic extravagance.” Not only do we love incorporating poppies into our floral designs, but also our company creates events that are a perfect blend of sophistication and envisioned extravagance. Our wonderful team of skilled designers shares a love for the beauty of flowers and out-of-the-box designs.

Victoria Clausen floral collage

Photo Credit: Helena C. Ilardo

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